The Klehkoot Arm of Sproat Lake - the site of your new home - leads into a sprawling, crystal clear lake which offers 140 kilometers of largely forested lakeshore, where warm water laps at some of the island's best beaches.

Only 9 kilometers of the lake is resorts or residential - the remainder is forested land. The scarcity of resort and residential property permitted on the lake makes the opportunity to buy in Klehkoot Marina Vistas even more unique. For residents and visitors alike, the lake is a popular resort and residential area loved for its blend of views, water sports, 70-plus degree summer swimming waters, and wilderness with easy access to urban amenities.

This lake has always been a central feature in the region. The Kleh-koot-aht people, who inhabited the area prior to European contact, called the lake Kleh-koot, meaning wide open spaces. That name is still preserved on some maps as Klehoot Arm, which is the wide open view you will see each morning from your new home.

The Kleh-koot-aht people, along with the Muh-uulth-aht and the Cuu-ma-as-aht, are known as the Hupacaseth First Nations. The ancestors of these First Nations people, are responsible for one of B.C.'s best petroglyphs. Overlooking the eastern end of the lake is an ancient rock carving called K'ak'awin (shown above), which is believed to represent a mythical lake creature.

But it wasn't Sproat's book that made the lake famous - it was the wealthy colonists and their visitors who had recognized and established the lake as a luxury resort area by the turn of the century. Early property buyers included a former premier of B.C., Sir Richard McBride, and Cornelius Vanderbilt. Artist Emily Carr stayed at the famous Klitsa Lodge, which was also a destination resort for well-known actors and statesmen.

Recreation Unlimited

Today the lake draws thousands of visitors every year, in addition to those fortunate enough to own Sproat Lake property. As a Klehkoot Marina Vistas owner, you join those fortunate few.

You receive your own private berth in the Marina, giving you easy access to all the fun of Lakeside Life. Steps from your door, you can enjoy water sports and boating, including fishing, water skiing, wind surfing, sailing, dragon boating, and swimming. The nearby provincial park has numerous hiking trails and campsites, in addition to an excellent beach. Plus, your new home is central to many of the island's best attractions.

Your purchase of Klehkoot Marina Vistas is a once-in-a-lifestyle opportunity to enjoy this unmatched lifestyle. Only 20 homes will be available.