Lakeside Life

Sproat Lake is the central sapphire jewel of Vancouver Island, offering more than 140 kilometers of forested lakeshore. Known for its warm clear waters - so clear that swimmers and boaters can see to a depth of 30 feet - the lake offers an unmatched recreational lifstyle and wide open space just steps from a major highway. Part of the area has been preserved by the government as a provincial park, complete with campsites and hiking trails. (Learn more about Sproat Lake.)

As an owner in Klehkoot Marina Vistas, you will enjoy lakeside life, with the sweeping views from your home and your own private berth in the marina. Your new home will give you easy access to some of the best swimming, boating and fishing on Vancouver Islands. Popular sports on the lake include water skiing, dragon boating, sailing, and windsurfing. Sproat Lake seems designed by nature for water sports. From spring to fall, the lake water is glassy smooth most of the day, with a frequent breeze in late afternoons, as if scheduled solely to delight sailors and windsurfers.

Bombers Away

One of the most exciting sights on the lake occurs during forest fire season, when giant Martin Mars water bombers use the lake as both reservoir and runway when combatting wild fires elsewhere in the province. Measuring 36.6 meters with a wingspan of 61 meters, these water bombers are the largest in the world and can scoop up to 27 tons of water from the lake surface in one pass.

Hook your Dinner

Sproat Lake is also known for freshwater fishing. Pick up a fishing license, cast off from your private marina berth, spend a delightful day in the wide open peace of the lake, and come home with dinner. The lake is known for its steelhead, especially in April and May, and for rainbow trout, especially from June through September.

Island Adventures

Life on the Lakeside is just the beginning of your island adventures. The area is central to many of the island's best wilderness and urban attractions, including the west coast wilderness of Tofino, the world's best salmon fishing and cold water diving, and the Olde English charm of Victoria.