North: Skiing, Fishing, Caving

Wide open Wilderness Adventures await, no matter where you turn from your Klehkoot Marina Vistas home.

Heading north from your Klehkoot Marina Vistas home can take you back in time. The least developed areas of the island lie to the north, an area also rich with First Nations culture.

Less than an hour north you'll unearth an underground adventure at Horne Lake Caves Provincial Park. For the experienced, there are caves to expore via a self-guided tour. For novices and families, there are safe, guided tours of the caves, which are still in their natural state. Further north, caving enthusiasts can explore the Upana Caves near Gold River or the Little Huson Cave Regional Park, found on the road from Port McNeill to Zeballos.

Further north, you can hike Strathcona Provincial Park and discover the 440-metre Della Falls, the highest waterfall in Canada and one of the 10 highest waterfalls in the world. Experienced hikers can plan an unforgettable multi-day hike to and from the Comox Glacier, along the 9 km Comox Glacier trail.

Also in the park is Mount Washington Alpine Resort, the island's largest ski resort.

Further north there are whales to watch off the east coast of the island; bears, bald eagles, and elk to spot as you drive north or kayak among the smaller, unhabited islands; and more fishing in both fresh and salt water.